International Organizing Committee (Mini-Symposium Organisers) (under development)
  • Kaan Inal and Raj Mishra
        Advances in numerical models and theory in predictions of sheet metal

  • Sandrine Thuillier and Pierre-Yves Manach
        Elastic and plastic instabilities in metallic sheets

  • Tudor Balan , Oana Cazacu and Frederic Barlat
        Recent advances in constitutive modelling

  • Elisabeth Massoni
        Sheet and tube forming of titanium and super alloys for aeronautics

  • Anne Marie Habraken , Jian Cao , Luigino Filice , Jun Chen , Joost Duflou ,
        Jack Jeswiet , Ana Rosanete Loureno Reis and Markus Bambach
        Incremental sheet forming

  • Dorel Banabic
        Formability of metallic materials

  • Robertt Valente , Ricardo Sousa and Ivaylo Vladimirov
        Multiscale modelling and applications: Advances in constitutive modelling of
        sheet forming across different length scales

  • Rui Cardoso and Jos Csar de S
        Element technology and damage mechanics

  • Wanjin Chung , Jong Bong Kim and Tsuyoshi Furushima
        Surface defects and Instability & Microstructure

  • Mark Iadicola and Yannis Korkolis
        New and established standard test methods for sheet metals, and their
        "off-label use" in research

  • Bart Carleer
        Robust springback compensation

  • Shi-Hoon Choi and Heung Nam Han
        Effect of microstructure heterogeneity on sheet metal formability

  • Kyriakos Kourousis and Mehmet Firat
        Cyclic plasticity models for sheet metal forming

  • Yuanli Bai
        Fracture and damage in sheet metal forming and applications

  • Toshihiko Kuwabara and Susumu Takahashi
        State-of-the-art metal forming and material technologies in Japan

  • Nho-Kwang Park and Youngseon Lee
        Data construction for analysis of sheet metal forming and its applications

  • Gow-Yi Tzou
        Modelling, simulation, and processing technology on product manufacture