AIP Proceeding Paper
Paper Guideline

NUMISHEET agreed to AIP that all Authors prepare their paper using AIP’s 8.5 × 11 inch single-column template.

Note that AIP Proceedings does not accept 1-page abstract-only papers for publication. All articles must be full pieces of work, containing a preferred number of 3-4 pages.

Maximum Page Limitation:

  • Regular paper: 4
  • Session keynote paper: 6
  • Plenary paper: 8

The Author instruction, sample papers in PDF and MS Word, and Latex Classes & Guides can be downloaded from the following links:

Transfer of copyright agreement must be submitted with the final manuscript. The form can be downloaded at:

Please refer the following link for the detailed information for preparing the manuscript:

Paper Submission

To submit your manuscript, please fill out the simple form following the link below and upload your paper and the copyright agreement.

Paper Submission Form

Before you submit your paper, please make sure that you have your Pre-Registration ID and have received the acceptance notification for your abstract. Your ID should have the format of your full e-mail address excluding all special characters, for example:

E-mail address:
Pre-Registration ID: mrgentlemancom